Interactive Whiteboard +
Formative Assessments +
Screen Mirroring +
Student Collaboration...
Right on your Tablet!

Annotate Screenshot
Annotate Screenshot
Annotate Screenshot
Annotate Screenshot
Annotate is a cloud based HTML5 web app that transforms your iOS, Android, Windows, or Kindle Fire tablet into a powerful engagement, assessment, and participation tool.

The Annotate System

Remote Desktop
Your tablet's screen is mirrored on your projector converting it into a mobile interactive whiteboard.
Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
Using your tablet, you teach completely untethered and schedule formative assessments in real time.
Bring Your Own Device
Students participate, and respond using their own wi-fi, cellular data, or text messaging enabled devices.
Real Time Feedback
You view response analysis in real time and align your instruction to exactly match student progress.
With the Annotate Mirror client running on your computer, your tablet screen is reflected on your projector. Freely walk around for a completely untethered teaching experience.
Remote Desktop

Kick "boring" out of your classroom!

Engage your students

Engage your

Teach completely untethered. Face your class and make eye contact with your students to grab their attention. Embed rich media to make your lectures come alive. Schedule formative assessments to keep your students engaged.
Enhance participation


Schedule polls and get your entire class to respond. Set up collaboration activities for your students. Get them to present from their seats on the screen. Encourage discussions through the messenger without disrupting your lecture.
Improve Retention


Use the real time response system to give immediate feedback and tailor your instruction on the fly. Flip your class using the video capture tool. Initiate post class discussions to ensure learning continues even outside the classroom.