Annotation Clips

What are Annotation Clips?
Annotation clips are video recordings of your slides, transitions, and annotations with a live voiceover from your webcam and/ or microphone. They are extremely lightweight and can be streamed even on low bandwidth internet connections.
What are some benefits of clips?
Clips are a really easy way to flip your class and use class time for one-on-one instruction, give students the opportunity to ask questions, or start discussions. Your students can now review your lectures at their own pace and replay it as often as they would like. It is also a great way for students to catch up on missed lectures.
How do I create a clip?
Open any notebook and tap Record (the last tool on your control toolbar) to bring up the recording panel. If you are using a PC or Mac, you will also be able to record a voice over and/ or a live video feed from your webcam.
Can I share my clips?
Clips can be published to courses just like notebooks. You can also share clips on the web, on popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, or embed them in your blog or webpage.
Can students also create clips?
Yes, students can also create clips that they can present in class. They can also share their clips on social media.
How can students present their clips?
Students use the "Present" option on their clip to request presentation on an instructor's screen. Once an instructor approves a student's presentation request, the clip is played either on the instructor's device or/ and on the Annotate Mirror Client connected to a projector or class room display.
Does one need a paid Instructor or student account to create clips?
No, anyone with a registered account can create Annotation Clips. Clips created in free accounts are publicly visible.
Can I also embed assessment questions in my clips?
Not yet, but we are actively working on it.
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