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Engage Your Students Be More Effective Connect with your students Do more with less

Engage Your Students

Teach untethered

Teach untethered

Face your class and make eye contact with your students to grab their attention. Never take your eyes off students while writing or scheduling assessments. Control your computer right from your device.
Keep it interactive

Make it interactive

Keep your students interested as you intersperse instruction with quick assessments. Schedule collaboration activities for all your students or in small groups. All without wasting even a second of class time.
Get instant feedback

Get instant feedback

Feel the pulse of your class using the real-time response system. Know in an instant where your class is. Run with them when they keep up. Stop to review concepts when they fall behind.
Make your presentation come alive

Make your lectures 'rock'

Project your favorite app from your tablet on the projector. Embed videos, images, shapes, and text in your notebooks. Annotate over your computer screen and capture screenshots.

Be More Effective

Flip your class

Flip your class

Use the video creation tool to publish videos of your presentations to your class. Let students control their learning and learn at their own pace. Focus your class time to provide individualized instruction.
Save Class Time

Save Class Time

Use the integrated real-time student response system and visual reports to quickly identify areas that your class is weak in. Don't waste time reviewing concepts they've already mastered.
BYOD Ready

BYOD Ready

Students access Annotate through their personal devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) which they are far more comfortable using unlike clickers, which they may forget to get to class or lose.
Carry your content everywhere

Secure your content

All content is stored safely and securely on the cloud, accessible 24/7, through any device. Never worry about losing files, hard disk crashes, or forgetting your device. Just pick one and you are set!

Connect with your students

Share your content

Share your content

Share your content on the web with a click so that anyone following you can view it. Benefit from the Annotate community and access thousands of notebooks created by other instructors.
Create Groups

Create Courses

Courses give enrolled students access to all your published content in their accounts. So they never ever have to search their emails for links or files to track their course material or for review before an exam.
Start discussions

Start discussions

Initiate both in-class and post-class discussions. Get your students to share their ideas, questions, and comments unfettered and without disrupting your class. Respond to them in real-time.
Schedule Homework

Schedule Homework

Ensure that learning doesn't stop as soon as your student step out of the class. Schedule post class assignments and review student work to see how much progress your students are actually making.

Do more with less

Leverage existing Classroom Hardware

No extra investment

Annotate does not require any investment in specialized hardware. Using your existing classroom resources such as a desktop, a projector, and your device, you can set up a mobile interactive whiteboard.
Use any device

Works with any device

Unlike other apps that are only available on the iOS or Android app store, Annotate works seamlessly on popular devices such as iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices, and Microsoft Surface tablets.
Use your existing content

Use your content

Import your PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and SMART Notebook files directly into Annotate. Annotate even allows importing files from Dropbox and Box. Get started in seconds!
Students can use any device

Students use any device

Students can use any web enabled device, including their computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or smart phones to access content and respond to assessments.